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Terms & Conditions

Booker: The person using this website to search for an event venue.

Venue Vendor: One who has a venue listed on Qwiqspace

User: Person who is either searching for a venue, a venue vendor, booker or anyone who uses this website in one way or the other.

User Account: Account opened on this website by a visitor and is used to access the services provided by this website.

Approved: This term is used to denote that one’s booking has been successfully received after all checks have been made to ensure that the requested day(s) for venue use is/are available.

Confirmed Booking: This term is used to explain to the booker that his or her venue booking has been received successfully.

Reserved: This term is used to denote that a venue has been marked down for a booker only after payment has been successfully made.

Declined: A venue booking is marked as declined when a booker fails to make payment within 24 hours of booking the venue.

*A booker has 24 hours within which to make Full or Part payment (depending on venue’s policy) to reserve his or her booking. Failure to do so will lead to venue booking being marked a “declined’.

*A booker has the right to cancel a reservation within 72 hours, from the very moment the venue was marked as “reserved”. And their money is refunded back to them within 48 hours. If the reservation cancellation occurs after 72 hours, the venue booker is charged a cancellation of $5-$10, which is then transferred back to the venue vendor as compensation.