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Frequently Asked Questions

When venue owners submit their venue listing on Qwiqspace.com, we first conduct a background check to confirm the accuracy and truthfulness of the information they provided. We then call them to ask follow up questions. Their venue listing only becomes publicly available if we are satisfied with the results of our checks and approve their listing.
When a venue booking request is made, the booker is notified to make payment, after which the said venue is reserved for them. The venue booker can cancel the reservation within 72 hours, from the very moment the venue was marked as “Reserved”. And their money is refunded back to them within 24 hours. If the reservation cancellation occurs after 72 hours, the venue booker is charged a cancellation of $5-$10, which is then transferred back to the venue vendor as compensation.
1. Venue owners are required to upload a complete bio of themselves and their venue

2. In some cases, they are required to upload a government-approved ID card for validation

3. We have a dispute resolution framework that empowers both venue vendors and bookers to submit tickets about a transaction or an activity on or related to Qwiqspace.com. We then follow up on the parties involved to get the matters addressed. In some cases, the party (ies) found culpable may have their account suspended or permanently removed from Qwiqspace.com
As soon as a venue booking is marked as “confirmed”, the booker is notified to make payment to Qwiqspace, which then holds the money in escrow and then releases it to the venue vendor as soon as the booker checks in to the venue.